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Final project #16

Final report on PLN

Now that I have used Symbaloo I have found that I love it. This is great way to organize things and continue keeping up with things in the future such as a certain blog. I will continue to use this even after this class is over. You can add so many different things to it. I am currently still exploring to see what I can do to mine. I have told my friends about it as well. I think this should be everyone's home page.

C4k November


c4k # 10
Summary for Marcus
Mrs. Yollis seemed had a great class blog. You could see what was going on in the classroom.  Marcus wrote about a vampire. He chose to make the new vampire a good vampire. The child vampire was lonely and just wanted a friend. Now their were two good vampires. 

Hello Mrs. Yollis! I am a current student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I have to say first off that I love your class blog. I am commenting in regards to The Vampire by Marcus. Marcus had a great idea about the vampire. It is so cute that the vampire just wanted a friend. They were not bad vampires! Your class has done a great job! It was so much fun looking at your blog.

Senolita's Blog Summary for Kid #11
     For this blog post she wrote about a dream she had. This dream was about leaving the planet and waking up in Jupiter. When she arrived she met an alien with duck like feet. She took him to be kind of mean but he turned out to be nice. He described that he did not live like a human but had a big family and would help her get back home. She was hesitant but then listened to his instructions and woke up safe and sound. 

Blog post #14 (correction for blog post #12)

I think a good assignment for the beginning of the term would be for the students to visit Teachers Views on Technology. On this page of the New York Times, teachers were ask to submit videos of ways they use technology in the classroom. I think that this would be a great way for college students to see how teachers use technology. It is varieous videos by different teachers rather than just one teachers opinion. Ask the students to explore the videos and write a brief summary for one video. Include a link to each video. The videos are from high school students using technology. Explain what grade you are going to teach and in what way you could do this.

     In this video, high school students were using iPads. The class was a combined class with History and English combined. The i Pads were used for the students to read Upton Sinclair's THE JUNGLE. The students are to annotate as they read the book. Katy, a teacher in the school says that she use to be concerned of using the iPad and how everything would go. She learned that her and the students can learn together she does not have to know everything. The children state their opinions on using the iPad. They feel it is Eco-friendly and helps with organizing. The high school that is in my town are actually using Mac computers for the same use. I feel this is a great way to learn and motivates the children. I will be teaching the first grade when I get out of school and I hope to have at least one iPad in my class room. I hope to have it in a center for the children to explore with. That is if there is not a different kind of i Pad out by then. I will download apps that are fun and help the children learn. Hope fully I can switch the ipad in each center every week. I will have appropriate apps for each center. For example, I will have books downloaded for their grade level in the reading center. In my opinion this is a great way to learn and I cannot wait to use technology in my classroom. 

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C4t #4

Summary one
Why I make my life harder.
 Mrs. Ripp ask her self many questions in this blog post. She ask the questions of why she fight for her students and challenges herself. She says that she does this because it is important and "we" are models. She wants her world to be beautiful in the future and we have input on it. She thinks children should believe in themselves and want to learn. I have to say I agree with her completely. when I have my own classroom, I will do just as she does. I want my students to explore new things as well.

Summary two
Some questions to ask yourself as you prep for the week ahead
  In this post, Mrs. Ripp explains what she does to help herself get ready for the coming up week. She ask herself many good questions to prepare. She ask things such as, what will my students do?, how much talking will we do as a class?, how will the kids be involve? I found this blog post to be helpful for my future. I have a file saved on my computer that I save things I think I will use in my classroom. This is one thing I copied and pasted so that I can look at this when I have my own classroom. I hope to be well organized and that these question help me prepare for my week.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special assignment

1. Why did you miss the metaphor in Tom Johnson's post, or, if you "hit the nail on the head", why do you think you understood the metaphor and why do you think that others in the class missed the metaphor?
 I think that with my assignment I think to hard about what the correct answer is. I was not expecting to have a metaphor. I just took it as it was. I think my classmates did the same thing and just thought to hard  on the assignment. Now that I have read into it I hope that next time I will be able to catch it. 
2. What metaphors have you encountered since I asked you to create a log of them?
The only metaphor that I remember is Mr Winkle Wakes. 
3. What other things can we do as educators to help our students to understand and to use metaphors?

As an educator we can help our students by going over metaphors and try to use examples to help the students realize what they are. 
4. Why do we use metaphors?
I think that people use metaphors as a thinking strategy. The only thing with this is some people may not understand it like me. 

Blog post #13

My teacher is an App.
     I chose to read the article by Stephanie Banchero and Stephanie Simon. In this article it explains how many states are going to virtual schools. It explained that two students reacted differently to the online classes. Noah slacked and got side tracked with his work while Allison changed her opinion entirely on the subject of history. She became interested rather than bored. It was different from watching the teacher talk. The article stated that virtual classes are increasing. Although Allison and students like Allison become interested in school, the statistics showed that students with virtual classes scored lower on standardized test. I can see how this can be true. Critics are also worried that children will not know how to work with people because of what they are use to. Students have been put in these school for different reasons such as homeschooling or the fact that parents do not like the school the child is in. The virtual school draws many different groups of children. However, state education officials states that they are not likely to be poor or with special needs. One approach they can use for children in need are hybrid school that involve students seeing the teachers face to face. They have different variations to schools being virtual. Some schools have certain amounts of time in a classroom and others let students choose their schedule. This idea has brought arguments up especially with teachers. The only thing I think I would like about virtual only schools, is that is cuts money cost. Everyone has their own opinion on this issue. As a future teacher, I think that virtually schooling has its advantages and disadvantages. I would be okay with just parts of school being virtual. I think it is important that both students and teachers get the classroom experience. This is very true when it comes to the younger grades. I feel that they need a push to get them started. I think it would be good for some students to have partial virtual classes starting around fifth grade. I also think that the students should have to maintain a certain grade in the course they are taken online in order to continue it. Although this is a good idea, it can create problems as well. I do think it is important for students to experiment with technology, however, the classroom is needed more. It is very important that children are face to face and work together. For the children in higher grades such as junior high and high school, I think that it would be great for the children to do online classes but meet at least 14 hours a week. As you get older I feel that you become more responsible and with having class part time it will help you do your work on time. I know that the main problem I have with online classes is simply forgetting to get on and do it. Sometime my problem is getting online. People feel with online classes you have more time for work and other things. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

c4k # 10 part one

Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog
Mrs. Yollis has the perfect blog for her class! She has a page for people who have never met her to get to know her. After reading that tab you will know a good bit about her. The home page simply shows the normal blog page and what is going on with her classroom. She posts things the students have done. If I were a parent to a student in her classroom, I would enjoy looking at what is going on. Along with having a page to get to know her she has a tab explaining what some things are that her class likes to do. She shares just a few facts to get to know the students. She has a tab with a video telling exactly how to give the students feedback in case someone wanted too. There is a link provided so that people may go directly to the classroom website. This may also be helpful to parents. Mrs. Yollis has a tab that shows students or anyone else who wants to see, how to use certain html codes. Times zones are listed on another tab so the students can see what time zone their friends are on. A video is also on a tab just so people can know a little about California as well. Instructions on shooting digital images are also given on another tab in a video. Helpful resources on blogging for teachers are also available. Many teachers may find this useful. The homepage has links to things such as project so people can see what the students are working on. A cluster map of viewers is also given. She is a very proud teacher and shows awards for her classroom. Her blog has link available with some post. I feel that links are important weather it may be for more information or to give credit to something. I cannot wait to start a classroom blog. There are so many things you can do with one. 

Progress report on final project


Our final project will be on Sybaloo's. We are going to use a smart board presentation to help show people how to make one and explain the advantages of having one.

blog post #12

e blogger

Assignment:I think that this assignment would be of use if it was one of the first assignments we did.  
1.Watch the you tube video Top ten tips for using technology in the classroom
2. After watching the video, state your opinion on the tips given.Explain wich tips you will use in your classroom. Did this video help in any way to you?


My opinion:
 The tips in this video were helpful. I think that if older teachers decided to use technology, this video would help them get a start. I think in my classroom I will always use music. I will even let them help decide on music we use. I also will create exercises for my students. I know that I will use my white board/ smart board. I think it is something the kids will enjoy. There is so much you can use on the smart board. Podcast is something I would like to do as a class project. It’s a great way to work together. A blog is something I will have the moment I am hired onto a school. I feel it is a great way to let the parents see what the children are doing. This video was useful. It gives ideas of ways to use technology and helps you form opinions of what you may or may not want to do.

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project #9b Instructional Timetoast

Blog post #11


Little Kids...Big Potential
       This video was about Mrs. Cassidy's first grade class. It was amazing to see everything the children were doing. They are in the first grade and that is the grade I hope to someday teach. After being in this class I have brainstormed on many things I will use involving technology in my classroom. I cannot wait to teach! The students mention "the people in Alabama," and it is nice to hear they enjoy the getting comments. They were also pleased with what they saw on the WIKI'S. The whole time watching this video I imagined what I can do in my classroom with the exact same tools. It is always great to see what classroom teachers are doing with technology!

Skype Interview
     It was very interesting to watch the video between Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy. Many questions were both ask and answered. Like most of the students Dr. Strange was talking about, I use to think I did not need technology. Now I am so excited about doing the things Mrs. Cassidy has done. I am going to be a first grade teacher so this is amazing to me. I plan to have at least a class blog for the parents to look at. I also hope that like her class, my students will have their own blogs that they get on in class at least once a week. She did explain that she had a great technology coordinator to help her with everything. I hope that I can at least find a buddy in the school who does blogging as well. She taught me that it is important to find new things for students to stay interested in. I also learned the importance of protecting the students and that it can be done by things such as only using first names online. It was interesting to see the EDM310 students interact with her. I see how beneficial using things as Skype can be.

c4k October

classroom blogging

Summary for classroom three, post four.#5
 This post was about the children’s poetry recital and their two winners. The class blog had the two students videos put on their blog.This post was about the children’s poetry recital and their two winners. The class blog had the two students videos put on their blog. Krishant wrote about “Steve the Superhero.” This child did well with memorizing the poem.  He does well describing him and puts an image in my head. The student was not at all nervous in front of the camera. The next student, Sienna, recites “Worms.” This student seemed that she enjoyed the poem. It tells of how the worms come out and how they are eaten by the birds. This student does show a bit of nervousness. It also tells of how the author even tried the worm and did not like it at all. The student uses face expressions very well in this video. Both students did a great job in reciting their poems. Possibly better than I could. I enjoyed watching them.

Summary for Kid2 Miss Burne's Class#6
 In this post, the kid Collin, did an animation on soccer. He chose to use the fans in the background and the player on the soccer field. He made the fans look like real fans do with their faces painted. he chose to make the player move from one end of the field to the other. He used audio to introduce the player and the team and by the time he finished talking the player was at the other end.

Summary for kayla's Blog #7
  Kayla only had one post on her blog. I was not sure what the assignment had been but she chose to be non-commercial rather than commercial. She listed her reasons and in ways it did make since. I ask if she saw any advantages to maybe picking being commercial. She stated she would rather be non-commercial because she does not want something she did being changed. I stated I agreed with her because I feel if I work hard on something it is mine and perfect the way it is. If it is changed it wasn't my idea. 

Frog Adventure#8
   This post was about a frog found on highate farms. The word was spelled out and each letter began a new sentence or description. They named the place what was there and even explained the frog were tad poles in the pond. The poem was about a book that has been read called Frog Adventure. The artists were Janine Kapa and Caroline Blair. This was basically just a highlight of what was in the story.

Summary for the The Mandala #9    
       This post was posted on 10/12 done on the Mandala. I found out that this word means circle. Mr. McClung gave the students a project and word told to draw and write an essay on their Mandala. The children were to use only symbols of important meaning to them.  He chose one child’s picture to post on the blog. The child did a great job and used one main focus point which was her faith as Mr. McClung stated. 

world in children's hands

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Blog post #10


Do you teach or do you educate?
    This video listed examples of ways to teach and to educate. It ask its audience what they were going to do. It listed out the ways you can just teach which included simply telling someone what to do or not to do and just listing instructions. You can "teach" anything, but can you "educate" your students? The word educator was defined as someone who gives intellectual and moral instructions. Educators are mentors and advisers. The are a guide to all students. In the video it made a good point "Education is kindling of a flame." This video makes you think. 
     When I am a teacher I plan to educate rather than just teach. by doing this I will always provide great and clear instructions to my students. I will also be a great example and mentor at any given time. When a student ask me a question, even if I do not know the answer I will do my best to find the right one. When a student comes to me asking for advice if I can not give it, I will find someone who can help me. I will provide the best education for my students in the best way available.

Don't let them take pencils home

    In this post Tom Johnson argues that pencils are a great tool and they do not lower test scores. He sees that the issue she brings to him is not accurate. He tells her of how he has shown not only the students but as well as the parents how to use the pencil. He sees that in any way these children use the pencil it is somehow a learning opportunity. He feels that just because their parents do not use pencils it does not mean that the children will never use them. 

c4t #3

iPad application

Summary One Ramsey's Flipteaching On the Go
     This was about flip teaching and why it worked for that teacher’s classroom. Ramsey says that when she merged the classroom two things made it work. Ramsey felt that good instructions helped the students and the fact that their schedule was so limited. He addressed things in class and found screencast something that worked in his classroom. He chose to have the students work with things hands on when learning before he gave out homework. The homework that he gave, he said, he felt that it helped push them. He tells anyone reading the blog thinking of flip teaching to work with their own process.  Something that works in one classroom may not work in another. He wrote the blog because he found himself having a hard time six years ago with making the classroom work. He began using the iPhone app. randomly one day. This app. requires that you have a blank white screen and you made add the voice thread to it.  He literally pulled over on the side of the rode to answer a student’s question. In doing this he decided that app. would be great for answering questions. He then decides he will use it for answering questions.  If I had an iPhone I could see this very useful.

Fall Cue
   This was a slide show presentation made of 94 slides. This presentation was made of quotes that led to the next slide. There was always a slide involving the cite something came from. This highlighted how long each thing in the classroom should go. The presentation also showed what things in technology you could use to find information as well as share it. It shared many apps to the ipad you may you to record things and different apps to use. It summarizes things that can be used with flip teaching. The slide show is a great presentation and makes you want to try new things and use the things shown in the slides.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog post #9

The word experience magnified

What I Have learned this year 2008-2009
     This post was after the first year of Mr. Joe McClung's teaching in Missouri. In his first year of teaching he learned 6 major things. Something he learned that I find to be important, is that you have to have your students attention. The classroom needs to be students centered. He states most teachers worry too much about how they will present the lecture rather than how the students will take it and what they think about it. He also says as a teacher we are to be flexible. I know that I stress over things more than I should and after reading his post I thought about how I myself am going to have to learn things will not always go as planned. Mr. Joe says he learned communication is big in teaching. That you learn more with communication. This is something I agree with the most. I always enjoy talking and see what other classmates have done and plan to do with the assignments. It never hurts to discuss things; you never know what ideas may form. Mr. Joe says that encouragement is important with students. I know that as an after school counselor, the students I help would much rather hear, let’s try it again, rather than, you will never understand what i am showing you. Something Mr. Joe learned that I myself have learned in this class is to not be afraid of technology. I do have to push myself for this class but when I look back, I have come a long way. When we have projects, I find myself jumping on the boat to find something different to do. I also constantly find myself thinking of ways I am going to use technology in my classroom. Another thing he learned is that listening is very important. Your students look up to you and by listening you show them you care. He also points out that you may be the only one that shows it. The last thing he says that he learned in that year was that you as a teacher are to never stop learning. I agree with this for different reasons. Times change and more information is brought into the world every day. This goes with things in the classroom and ways of using technology. We must stay curious as a teacher and continue to find new things to go into the classroom. many of lessons that he learned through his first year of teaching I have already learned through some of the post we were assigned to read. The most important to me is to be there for your children and listen. Also to make the classroom students centered. Both of the people commenting on his blog found the post helpful for when one day they have a classroom. I know that by reading his post my brain has even more ideas for my classroom I will one day have. 
What I learned this Year 2009-2010
    Mr. Joe made this post after the next year of teaching and included some things he learned. I really think that these post are helpful and have began thinking on something I can do like this to let people know what I learn each year. this year he was teaching Jr. High students and learned that adapting was something he had to do. he made me realize that as a teacher at some point I will be put in a position that I am not going to comfortable with. It will be my job to face whatever I am given and perform to the best of my availability. He says that he had to get out of his comfort zone but he did what he had to do to "adapt." Mr. Joe also learns that he had to try a new approach. We as teachers have to help the students learn to help themselves. In my classroom I plan to find new ways for children to learn and when they are stumped on finding an answer I hope to help them think of the answer rather than just saying "here it is." Mr. Joe also that finding a "mom" is important. Even if you do not like the term "mom" I agree with him. You may not call them your mom or dad but finding someone with experience at your school is important. I hope that in my first year of teaching I am able to find a "mom" that can help me through at least my first year. I hope that years down the road and I am experienced that someone will come to me for ideas and anything else they may need help with. One thing he learned that I find very true is to watch your ego. He states that you can not be afraid to act silly that it can help the students. I do agree with that. With the classes I am taking now, we are required to teach lesson plans. This mainly pertains to the p.e. class. In order to do this we must be comfortable with acting like a child to show them how to do something. It may even involve something "goofy." Learning not to be a control freak is something Mr. Joe finds important. Letting students help whenever and as much as possible is always a plus. I have noticed by observing in a first grade classroom students love to help. One thing he learned that I have also recently been taught was that you need to plan how long you spend on what subject and how much of it you teach. You should never teach only on what you think is interesting. Another thing that he found out was that no matter what you face with your co-workers that the students are what matters. I feel this is correct. I know that when I become a teacher I will have people that I do not relate to or "bump heads" with. I will now keep in my head thanks to Mr. Joe that the kids are what matters more. I have enjoyed reading these two years of experience he had. I see it is important to always be open to advice. The comment that was left also felt the same as I do. She found this blog to be helpful as well. 

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Blog post #8

The World and Technology

Richard Miller
Part one:
       This video goes over how books and information are now not only on paper, but online as well. Miller states that he was raised on books and dreamed of his job involving books. He shows many different types of information can be found online. He states how he was able to do a project all online. I personally do think that it is great that the texts we can find online are great. Many things in paper or any documents can be damaged. With it being online you are able to access it from anywhere. Many things are now found on both. This is great for people who lose things. Time has changed and now even with typing something a video may be added to the document. He gives many examples to walk through the changes.
Part two:
        Miller shows in this video how we may bring documents and conversations recorded into one "movie." He shows the things technology has available such as "iMovie" to make this possible. Collaborating things such as pictures and conversation can be a way to show better examples and keep the audience interested. Miller shows how YouTube is such a broad way to "get something out there." He states that within a few days a lecture they posted had over 9000 views! He says something that I found very true. He stated that videos posted on YouTube, pushes ideas. Until he stated that I had never realized how true that is. Millions of people watch YouTube. Many videos are posted from several different categories and it is a great way to get things out there.
Am I ready?
        As technology has changed, the way of learning has changed and will continue to change. When I first started EDM310, I was intimidated from the fact of having to use so much technology. The further we get into the term, I slowly change my mind more and more. So much can be done on the computer and online. Using multimedia in my opinion is a great way to learn. I believe by the time I become a teacher this will be even more common. My students will most likely learn from things like the things in the videos. Although they will be first graders and may not be making documents online, I do plan on using things such as videos and documents on the web in my classroom.

Carly Pugh's Blog post
       This has been the most inspiring assignment I have had yet! I enjoyed reading what her assignment was and it really was something I could see Dr. Strange assigning. The video was very inspiring to me and it made me think about the work I have done this semester. Her video relates to Millers hopes in many ways. She used pictures of different things related to her questions to get her point across. The video was defiantly touching and made me think of how I look at life. This had a message with it and like Miller wanted, with the multimedia she presented, it made me ask myself... How do I view life? 

The chipper Series and EDM310 for dummies

Project #11 Short Movie

Sunday, October 9, 2011

blog post #7

Randy's last lecture

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

c4t #2

Summary one
Air Head

Scott looks at many different computers and usually gets another one every 3 to 4 years. He decided he would be happier with a Mac Air. That fit him best when it comes to what he used his computer for. He did plenty of research before he made his purchase. I can say I have not put as much thought into buying a computer before. I usually just go and get one the same day I start looking. One thing I have learned from his post though, is to not overload your drive. He found that loading iTunes on an extra was not so handy like he thought. After dealing with the problem for a few weeks he had to make some decisions. He turned his old mac pro into his main music library. I noticed that with any problem he found, he read other post about fixing the problem. by the end of this class, I hope to find myself  reading more post. When backing up his computers, he began with "drop box." This is something I have seen pop up on my computer but have not took the time to look at. After reading his post it is something I may consider. He listed a few others such as "Super Duper" that he has used to back up his computers. I honestly have never taken the time to consider backing up my computer. I also have never actually had a computer crash but I have started thinking on what I will choose now.
"Hello, my name is Brittany Smith and I am currently in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I found your post rather interesting. Although I do not own a MacBook, I still learned a good bit of information. First of all, I have bought two computers and neither one of them did I research before buying. The next time I buy a computer I will do a good deal of research before my purchase. You also mentioned the "drop box." I have seen this on my computer but have not looked into it to see what it is. I am now considering maybe downloading it and using it. I noticed you look at many post and I am new to the blogging. I hope to look more at blog post even after I finish this class. Thank you for sharing your information, I found it helpful."

Summary Two
Engaging Teachers
  This post explains his pilot he is working on. This pilot is known as Instructional Rounds in Education. He uses different teacher for this observation. This is a school improvement process. All of the volunteers have the same class to look at. They have different questions every morning and each person is assigned to something different to focus on. The results are talked about at the regular meeting that they have. Scott started small but plans to be wide next year. 
 "Once again I have enjoyed reading your post. You seem to be a very organized person. I think that this is a great idea and it keeps ideas moving. Meeting often is also something I think is a great idea. I think it is great that each volunteer has a different question. I know that when I see other students asking a different question than me, it makes me think. Most of the time it brings something different to my attention. I think that this pilot is well thought out. I can tell you are determined. You have a great process for collecting data. Thank you for sharing your information with me. I hope that this does get bigger like you hope."

PLN Project #10


I personally chose Symbaloo. I love it. It is such a great way to organize things. I added the edm310 to one of my squares as well as the schools website. I think think this is a great idea. Thank you Dr. Strange for getting us to make these. I saw the many different things that you may add. Its amazing that a seventh grader can find this beneficial. Children are learning more and more! I cant wait to start using this. I am very big on organization. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog post #6

The Networked Student

Wendy Drexler made great points in her video. I found it very interesting. The more we get into this class; I see the benefits of blogging. With using the drawings, it made it more clearly for me to understand what was being explained. When I first began this class, I saw blogging and thing like that as something unnecessary. I have found that if you know what to look for, the more you become interested. It is not so overwhelming if you learn bit by bit.

 I see this video very informing. By using the networking, students may find it easier to find out information. In a way I think students may be motivated to do their work. Being able to view other classmates’ blog may give some students ideas.
 Although this is done online, a teacher is still needed. Students need to be given guide lines on what to do and when to have it done by. The most important reason for needing a teacher is for guidance. The students must know how to use what they have in order to find out the information. Students must also know how to find the correct information. When it comes to this, teachers can be very important. If this is brought in with my students, I do think I would have to prepare myself. This class alone is overwhelming. I would do the research necessary in order to be ready to help educate my students.


Summary for Ashlee's bio poem Kid#1

Ashlee's Bio poem

Ashlee has many things she wants and hopes to be. She enjoys many of the same things I did when I was her age. Ashlee has thought of many things to come it seems such as working and going to school. She also has many of the same fears as most children do.

I am currently enrolled in Edm310.
You can look at my blog by going to edm 310 blog spot

Ashlee I am so glad that you want to be a teacher. At the age of ten, I also wanted to be a teacher and it has not change since. I also think singing is an amazing talent and that you should follow your dreams. I began working at the age of fourteen and have been working since. Babysitting is something I enjoyed doing around the age of 11 and made a little spending money. School at your age was so much fun for me I hated to miss it. Go everyday that you can and learn as much possible. College is something I would not go without. You learn so much and it prepares you for what you will do in the future. You have plenty of time to think about college but I do recommend looking into different college and applying to them before choosing just one. Until then continue to play outside and do not be afraid of the snakes and spiders, just look out for them!

Summary for Jessica's Blog Kid#2
Jessica wants to go visit California but I am not sure she knows much about it. I hope that she one day gets to visit just like she says she wants to. People commented on her blog telling her things about California. They told about the beaches and Disneyland. I believe if she went she would enjoy it. Hopefully there would not be any earth quakes while she were visiting.
"Hello Jessica! I am a part of Edm310 at South Alabama. You may follow my class blog if you would like at 
I also have never been to California. Yes it would be a long ways to travel but traveling is so much fun! I would love to visit California but living there is not something I would plan on. Did you know that there are earthquakes there? Visiting would be nice. If you ever go please go to all the biggest attractions for me and all of the beaches!"

Elise and Cade kid#3
Elise and Cade did a great job working together in their podcast. They used an interview setting to tell about Satchel Paige. This is a great way to inform people. When we chose to do our podcast, I was great full it was audio. I am nervous in front of a camera. The children showed me a different way to do a podcast in an interview form.They included all facts anyone may need to know.

Summary for kid #4, Bryse
I enjoyed reading Bryse's post.He has many places he would like to visit someday. I think that it is great that he wants to visit some place because his friends did. I also think it is funny he wants to visit Madagascar because of the movie. I was not sure if he realized it really did not happen there because it was a cartoon, that it only “took place” there.  It is great he chose both somewhere near and away from Canada. I noticed many grammatical errors. Although I am a bad proof reader myself, I could definably tell that it was a younger person’s blog. I am very glad that he knows where those places are.  I hope he gets to visit some of the places someday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog post #5

1.Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please?

Scott McLeod brought a very good point to his blog. He stated everything a parent may be worried about with children on a computer. His end statement made a good a point. Technology is changing and children do not learn they will be behind. Parents can monitor what their child does on a computer. If children are taught correctly they are more than likely to use the computer for the right ways. All parents are going to worry regardless but who wants their child to be behind. I think all parents should read this blog post. They may then think again about not letting their child use the computer. 
  While researching Scott McLeod, I learned that he is an associate professor of Educational Leadership. He currently works at the University of Kentucky. He founded the Center of the Advanced Study of technology Leadership in Education. CASTLE helps school administrators. He is a big blogger and is full of useful information. He has received many awards for his accomplishments by many different organizations.

2.Travis Allen
The iSchool initiative
Mobile Learning
  First of all, Travis is one smart young adult. He has a lot of drive and a good point. I think it is a great idea for the iSchool. Everything today is changing so much with technology. It would be a great way to save on cost if everyone were to go mobile. The apps he has shown would be so great to have. I had no clue those were out there and I plan to download some of them soon. I think that this is soon going to be the way we learn. I hope that Travis and his group have success with getting schools to this.
 Schools are already practicing things like this. I know this year alone of two ways schools are becoming more high tech. Baldwin County High is now using Mac Book. Every child in the school that has paid their fees has been issued a Mac Book. Students have their books downloaded on to them as well as doing their work and homework on them. Some may worry about what websites they get on but the school as certain one such as Facebook blocked. The main downfall to this is some kids may not have the money, and then they miss out. Also the Bay Minette Elementary has been issued iPads. Not only does the teacher have one but the classroom has one as well. Students are able to take test on these as well as use the apps downloaded by the teacher. I can see schools going into "iSchools" within a few years. Students are eager to learn with new things. We just have to keep their attention. I am up for anything that involves saving money!

3.Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
   I think that this is amazing. I never would have thought of a virtual choir. This had to have taken a lot of time and dedication. The people that put this together had to work hard together. To me, I would think it is hard enough to work together in person for something like this. When the music started playing I was speechless. The thought of something like this has never crossed my mind. There were so many people involved. I think that the internet has so many pros. It can be used in so many good ways. People from everywhere could participate in something like that. 

4.Teaching in the 21st Century
  The YouTube video states that teachers are the filters. Like the video states, with technology today, we can look up any kind of information. When I saw this I thought about it. This is true; anything can be put into Google. Then I began to think that the job of a teacher is fading. So with that said, it is our job to make sure the children know how to get the information correctly. To me, Robert thinks that teaching is providing the instructions on how to find the information in the right way. Even if they can find the information needed, we have to teach them things like plagiarism. Data can be discussed using new tools such as twitter or even cellphones. The new sources given can be used with students as they work together. In my opinion, my job as a teacher will change. Like Robert states students can find anything online. I must adjust to the new job and make sure the students are learning. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog post #4

Teachers improve education.

Eagles’ Nest Radio & Class Blog
The most interesting episode from the students would have been number three.The class tells of the ancient Roman’s. They used back ground music that fit in as the students spoke. These students did a great job with explaining the topic they had and their name before explaining. They chose the most important facts to give. An interesting fact that I learned from this was where the saying “All roads lead to roam” came from. They change the music with each section of information. Jackson said that it is believe the God’s enjoyed seeing people die. After his bit of information, I believe I am afraid of gladiators. Mark taught me even more on Julius like the fact that he was murdered because they were worried over popularity. It was also interesting to find out that Cleopatra the 7th actually was actually Greek. It so interesting to see that third graders can do something I use to think I could not even do. The students did a great job!

100 ways to use your ipod.

ESL Podcast
I think the two brothers have a great idea! I think it is so amazing how looking on an iPod we can learn. This will help so many people. My friend is trying to download an app right now.
Learning Podcast
 By reading this I did learn the meaning of podcast and think this is an awesome invention. I am excited for our projects involving this in this class. This article explained step by step to prepare us for what we will need to do. I am more than positive that I will need to look back at this while working on our project.
Number 28
While clicking on this one it said the website was currently down during the past two days. I will continue to try to open it and will repost if anything changes.

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom

This video gave so much information. It also, like most things we have watched, shows how technology has changed. Students way younger than me are growing up knowing how to do these podcast. I for one am just now learning. The most beneficial thing about podcast is the fact that what you miss in class can be later seen that afternoon. The only bad thing with this is that someone may just choose not to go to class. The video shows how students work together for the podcast. It also shows opinions of the students themselves. If I were a parent I think that I would love the idea of being able to see what goes on in my child's classroom. The more I learn about the podcast, the more I like the idea of using this. I have never been exposed to podcasting until this class. This is something I think I will end up using more now that I am aware. When I become a teacher, I hope to be able to do something like this for my students.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog post #3

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

Before reading Kelly's post, I also would have said that technology is the most important thing in the future. When I started Edm310 I strongly thought that it was. We have to know how to use technology in the future. Kelly’s four points were very helpful and I found all of them interesting.
    Like Kelly said teachers must be learners and it helped me notice an important fact. As a teacher I will not know everything there is to know and along with my students, I will learn. She made a very good point with the fact that no matter how much effort is given with one teacher, if the child did not learn what he or she was supposed to have learned, the teacher has not taught anything. As a teacher I will strive to make sure the children show they have learned what has been taught. My favorite point to her post was about the technology being used. I think that what you use to teach does not matter if the teaching is not being learned by the student. This also goes along with what you about teaching when a child does not understand it. Kelly's post has made me think on a few things and my opinion, like hers, has been changed.

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

Karl humored me with his post on being an illiterate teacher. He stated we can not teach our students if we do not know ourselves. He says that we must know our technology and be literate of it. I do not believe that technology is  the most important thing. However, I do realize we must be aware of what we have. we also have to be willing to continue our learning as we teach our students. Things continually change and as it changes our students must be aware. Therefore it is our job to help the students continually grow with what they know own technology as well as ourselves. We must keep up to date and encourage the students to do so as well.

Gary's social media count

Watching Gary's count was in a way shocking to me. Every second the count changed. The changes happened quicker than I could blink my eyes. Everything continually went up. People continually get a twitter and or Facebook. Google is giving answers out faster than I can think. One thing that caught my eye, was the fact that there were new internet users. Even people today are just learning to use the internet. My thought was that by now, everyone new about the internet.
This has meaning to my career as a teacher. It means that everything is going to change over time. Within a matter of seconds, things become more advance. As I said before there are even new users to the internet every second. To me, this means, I must be aware of the changes, I have now accepted technology is going to change and I will have to learn it. I must stay up to date with the "new" things.

A vision of students today.

This video says so much. I agree with this video more than any video I have watched so far. The facts stated in this video are true. I can honestly say technology can be a distraction. Like the video states, most students only complete have of reading assigned to them. I am guilty of this. Why? As I begin reading material I become distracted. My phone goes off with a text message of a notification from Facebook. I usually end up with my face in the computer rather than my book.
  Another point made in this video was that we spend so many hours a day doing one certain thing. By the time it is added up, the hours spent doing things, is more than the hours in one day. As a human, we multitask. These days it seems impossible not to. Technology is changing everything. Social networking and emailing is used more than the time we spend studying. As a teacher I would be concerned. If the students are not paying you any attention, nothing is being learned.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

c4t #1 project 3

First blog post summary


theories mind mapping

 Angela Rand has a great way in preparing. She spoke of how she was working on areas she believes she needs to know about are scattered. In order to downsize she purchased white boards. She is now working on using a program called Diagrammix in order to prioritize what she needs. She is working on look at the main things involving the topics she wants to learn. "  I am currently enrolled in edm310 at South Alabama. I am very big on organizing and I honestly think a white board is a great way to help. Weeding out subjects is also a 
great way to downsize. To me it keeps us from getting overwhelmed, which I find myself doing this all the time.

Second summary 

Burnt out nonsense
   Mrs. Rand used different words to express her thoughts in her post. Although her choice of vocabulary was different, there was enough information given for one to have an interpretation to her thoughts. I took this post as someone who forgot to maybe study and had no clue what the answer was going to be. The only call was to God, maybe he would show the correct answer.

 My comment: My name is Brittany Smith and I am currently enrolled in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. My interpretation of this is that a test is being taken and the answer to the question given is not clear. Your choice of words were different from my everyday vocabulary. The ones I were unclear of, I looked up. Some words, for example,susurrus, were not in the dictionary.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog post # 2

Did you know summary

TECHNOLOGY in the future

  Did You Know ?
      The video by  Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod's Did you know? in my opinion was well put together. The "Did you know" question separated each section of facts. Fisch and and McLeod used music in the background that was up beat and helped keep my attention posted on the facts. My attention never left the screen the entire time!
       The facts posted in this video  by Karl and Scott give you something to think about. The fact that only a quarter of the IQ's in India beats the population of the United States makes me think about, how smart are we really? It states that there are more smarter people in India than the people that even exist here. Obviously India has a huge population. As the video progresses it begins talking about the change in time. How jobs and technology progress. Just thinking about how much careers have changed from six years ago makes me wonder what my job as a teacher is going to be like as a teacher after six years into it. Will I have a job in a classroom or will I be teaching on a computer? I can honestly say I am not one of the "1 in 4" workers that have not been at the current job for a year. It amazes me that today, one in eight couple meet online. It makes me realize how much the world of technology is changing. I did not realize so many people use Myspace still, my guess was that everyone had converted to Facebook.Out of the whole video by Fisch and McLeod, my main concern is , How will I be teaching ten years from now? Will I be needed or will a super computer take my job?

Mr. Winkle Wakes
    Mathew Needleman had a great point to his video Mr. Winkle Wakes. I also feel like Mr. Winkle sometime while taking this course. Like him I feel like the technology is to much. Needleman showed many example as to what had changed the 100 years. Like the message said something do not change in 100 years but who is to say it will not in just another ten.
    With that said it brings me to my disagreement with this video. I feel that technology with school is changing everyday. This class is preparing is fro using things on the computer, We have even been told third graders are using the website twitter. I have also personally seen the change within in Baldwin County High School. The children are now using Apple computer do do there work , read there text , and do homework. Books are being replaced with computer and the students are now only required to carry the laptop around. I feel that the classrooms soon will not exist. Maybe in the future students will be taught by the teacher from watching videos in thier computers at home. I do believe that the classroom will change and soon it will be strictly computers in virtual classrooms. 
 The Importance of Creativity
 In the video,  The importance of creativity. Ken Robinson states "We grow out of creativity." It is stressed in the video how important it is for creativity and how it will help us prepare for the future as it becomes. The child that had the creative mind  who drew God , or what she thought is looked like is a perfect example. Just like not knowing what God really looks like, no one know how twenty years from now will be. 
  Robinson also states how arts are not taught or brought up to be as important as a subject such as math. In this lecture he clearly has thought about his audience. with this he has used "creativity" in order to keep his audience's attention.Half way through the video he brings to the point how as kids the things we liked were not something we would end up having a job in.Like he said that statement is wrong these days and I honestly agree with him. Things involving things such as art and music are big time jobs now. This is an example of what was stated in the Did You Know video, the jobs now did not exist six year before. Technology is changing. Another thing that sends my mind thinking is the fact that there are people with degrees without jobs. The degree you have might not be as good for the job as when you went to school for it. Now what do you do? Go back to work on the higher degree. Robinson also has a good point when speaking of talent. People have their own way in discovering things and maybe not even involving intelligence. Along with Ken Robinson I believe that medication is not all the necessary. People learn in there own ways and if that is blocked by medication they may never become who they are capable of being. 
 Cecelia Gaul
    During Cecelia's interview   with Ken he certainly stated something to think about with creativity. I also believe everyone is creative in their own way. When I become a teacher I plan to stress creativity to my students. I want everyone to show how much they know as well as who they are. I believe that the more creative you get , the more you span out. You are subject to become more interested with what is around you and the more you will reach out to learn. With technology, like Mr. Ken says, it is changing and everyone need to become more familiar with it. In my classroom not only do I plan for my children to stay up to date with it, but I plan to as well. 
   Mrs. Davis tells in the video Harness your students how she teaches her students. Just from watching the videos and being in this class i have accepted that time is changing with technology. Like these students i am going to have to learn the many ways with technology. Mrs. Davis encourages her students to learn and also realizes some students are not going to do as well with paper and pen.